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30 Day Chastity Challenge


30 agonizing days of non-stop chastity torment under the mercy of an evil, sadistic keyholder Princess! Yes boys, this is for 30 full days of chastity which you will submit daily proof pics of your submission. I’ve also included 30 jaw dropping pics of yours truly which you will worship DAILY on your knees while locked in chastity!

Are you ready to experience the sexual frustration of a lifetime? Your cock will hate you by the end of it but you will become a better person because of it. My infamous chastity training programs help submissive men all over the world realize their true place in life without their cocks getting in the way. You will be blue-balled, frustrated and quite possibly begging to be let out… but it’s for the best! Do you have what it takes to survive 30 days in locked chastity under Princess Shimmy’s command?

Come submit control of your orgasm and lock that cock up for the next month!

30 worship pics

PDF file instructions


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