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Gender Transformation Spell Pt 2 MP3


This is an interactive spell that you can participate in simply by listening and following My guided meditation and imagery. My legendary “Pink Sun” rises again is even more powerful than ever. Your spirit will engulf the flames of the pink sun and your aura will radiate with pink energy.

I perform a full body hypnotic induction that will leave your full body radiating with feminine pink energy. You will be floating on a cloud of blissful relaxation surrounded by the energy of the pink sun.

I evoke the energy from the pink sun to cause spiritual alchemy within your soul, transforming your spirit from the inside out… from male to female. I shape your spirit with the power of My divine words and Will, making you more feminine than ever.

Format: Audio MP3

Length: 19 minutes

MP3 Features: Magic Spells, White Magick, Binaural, Guided Meditation, Relaxation, ASMR Whispers & Gay Spellcasting.